About IGES Pharma

IGES Pharma, these are the specialists of the IGES Group for the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. They pool their experience to enable innovative medicines to gain market access in Europe. With offices in England, France and Germany, they provide expert, pragmatic and rapid support to global biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Around one hundred specialists at IGES Pharma contribute their expertise to bring innovative medicines to Europe's patients.

IGES Pharma consists of experts from the following companies in the IGES Group:

  • IGES Institut providing comprehensive European market access strategies for the pharmaceutical industry, based in Berlin with a subsidiary in Nuremberg (Germany).
  • HealthEcon AG, providing European market access solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, based in Basel, Switzerland
  • CSG Clinische Studien Gesellschaft, a full-service CRO, based in Berlin
  • Meditech Access, providing market access solutions for the phamaceutical industry with a particular focus on France, based in Versailles, France

IGES works closely with Optimax, a provider of health economic solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry based in Southampton, UK. Optimax is a preferred partner of the IGES Group.

For more information about IGES Pharma, please contact us:

IGES Institut
Friedrichstrasse 180
10117 Berlin
P: +49-30-230 809-0

Decades of experience in clinical research, reimbursement and market access, an established collaboration with regulators and payers, and pragmatism, unconventionality and speed are the hallmarks of our work.

If you would like to receive information about IGES Pharma and our work, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr Tilo Mandry

Dr Tilo Mandry

Lead International Liaison Manager

Tilo Mandry is responsible for international business development at IGES Group. He supports international companies in accessing European markets. Tilo Mandry has many years of experience in the life science and high-tech industry. His main focus is on digital health, innovative drugs for rare diseases and innovative medical technologies. He is a fully qualified lawyer and holds a doctorate in the field of pharmaceutical law (from the Research Center for Pharmaceutical Law at the University of Marburg), as well as a Master of Laws from Vanderbilt University in the USA with a research focus on phamarcogenomics.

Email: pharma@iges.com
Phone: 49 30 230 80 90


Our 72-page guide “Reimbursement and Pricing of Pharmaceuticals in Europe” provides an overview of European pharmaceutical markets and explains the current regulatory, pricing and reimbursement systems of the five largest European countries: Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain.

If you would like a copy of the guide, please email Ms. Agata Daroszewska.