Market Access

Exploring the European lead markets

Successful market access relies on data-based insights and a deep understanding of European healthcare systems. 

Cost pressures, demographic challenges of healthcare systems and ever-increasing competition require excellent market access that is both fast and sustainable. Therefore, to be successful today, a go-to-market strategy takes into account new ideas, novel techniques and the latest insights.

Based on Real World Data, the latest machine learning methods and our profound experience, we are able to uncover breakthrough insights about markets, channels and customers. The result: a market access strategy that comprehensively considers all aspects of the market environment and leads the pharmaceutical to success in Europe. IGES Pharma thus enables its clients to meet today's challenges and ideally tap into the European markets. 

Fully exploiting the potential of the outpatient and inpatient sectors

Whether a drug can leverage its full potential in the European lead markets is also determined by whether it can be reliably and sustainably established in the ambulatory and stationary sectors.

IGES Pharma is equally at home in the inpatient and outpatient sectors. We have decades of expertise and experience in both areas. We know the interplay between the two segments, understand the preferences of hospital and office-based physicians, and know how differently medical innovations establish themselves in the outpatient and inpatient sectors. Our experts have often worked as physicians or decision-makers in both areas themselves and know what the decision-making paths are there and which factors are decisive for the success or failure of a drug there.

We have an established network of hospitals and physicians in private practice, which helps us to obtain the assessment of decision-makers quickly and in a focused manner.

Understanding the interaction of European markets

There is no single pharmaceutical market in Europe and there is no pan-European healthcare system. National markets determine what happens, and these are often regionally fragmented. When entering a European market, it is important to know the specifics of each destination and to have a deep understanding of the national differences between patients, physicians and payers.

At IGES Pharma, we have boots on the ground in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland and have long-established relationships with all the professionals who determine the success of a drug. Our professionals think and act European. We always keep an eye on the big picture, despite the peculiarities in the multitude of European markets.

The common EU single market means that goods can move freely within the European Union, and this largely applies to pharmaceuticals as well. At IGES Pharma, we develop strategies that appropriately take this into account and ensure that the free movement of goods does not become a disadvantage for pharmaceutical innovations.


Our 72-page guide “Reimbursement and Pricing of Pharmaceuticals in Europe” provides an overview of European pharmaceutical markets and explains the current regulatory, pricing and reimbursement systems of the five largest European countries: Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain.

If you would like a copy of the guide, please email Ms. Agata Daroszewska.