Bringing Your Innovations to European Patients

IGES Pharma

IGES Pharma is part of the IGES Group and specializes in research and consulting services for the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. Our experts pool their capabilities to enable innovative medicines to gain successful market access in Europe.

With offices in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom they provide expert, pragmatic and rapid support to global biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Around eigthy specialists at IGES Pharma contribute their expertise to bring innovative medicines to Europe's patients. As part of IGES LifeScience we provide tailored market access solutions for the life science industry.

Decades of experience in clinical research, reimbursement and market access, an established collaboration with regulators and payers, and pragmatism, unconventionality and speed are the hallmarks of our work. From small scale strategic support to multi-national product launches – we are proud of our portfolio of successfully completed projects.

For more information about IGES Pharma, please contact us:

IGES Institut
Friedrichstrasse 180
10117 Berlin

P: +49-30-230 809-244