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Health Economic Modelling

To understand the value of your product, it is important for health authorities to link its clinical benefit with its cost implications and compare it to the current standard of care. Building fit-for-purpose health economic models is one of IGES capabilities. Next to building the model itself, we can also support you in identifying the relevant clinical and economic evidence via systematic literature reviews and guide you along the decision-making process to reach your optimized outcome models is one of IGES capabilities with its experienced and awarded team.


Development of analysis to compare the costs of alternative interventions with a comparable therapeutic effect.

Conceptualization, development and programming of health economic models that compare costs and effects of alternative health interventions. Modelling is performed according to HTA requirements in respective countries. Validation of model specifications with stakeholders.

Conceptualization, development and programming of budget-impact models to estimate the impact on expenditure for a specific budget holder resulting from a decision to reimburse a new healthcare intervention (i.e., drug). Often also for the purpose of HTA (e.g., England).