Bringing Your Innovations to European Patients

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging the different stakeholders in the health care system while planning the launch of your pharmaceutical is vital. IGES can engage with all relevant stakeholder groups on your behalf such as physicians, payers, patient organizations or health-authorities. Through our many years of experience we can access a reliable network of experts and contacts to help you in setting up adboards, background talks or other platforms of debate.


Interaction with legislators, also in conjunction with representative phamaceutical associations, can be supported by sound data based scientific publications and moderating discussions, for example.

Prepare and facilitate clinical expert discussions on defined topics. This ensures that the activities to be carried out are aligned with the current state of scientific knowledge.

Recognize and illustrate the complex networks of stakeholders involved in the care situation with the goal of being able to approach key parties and understand complex interrelationships.

Research the health insurance landscape. Interaction and identification of suitable interlocutors in health insurances to support decision making by gaining payers' perspective on e.g. pricing or access hurdles for innovative pharmaceuticals.

Extensive experience in the authorship of scientific publications on various topics, published in a variety of different journals with different objectives of the publications.

Preparation and organization of events to highlight defined topics for discussion. This can raise public awareness and increase the commitment of various parties.