Bringing Your Innovations to European Patients

IGES Pharma provides tailored market access solutions for pharmaceutical companies. From strategy development to full-service product launches across key in European markets. As part of IGES LifeScience we provide market access solutions for the life science industry.

"There is no one-size-fits-all approach to successful market access in Europe. We put our local and global experience to work in helping our clients achieve successful pricing and reimbursement in six European countries."

Fabian Berkemeier, Managing Director Pharma & Biotech




IGES staff work in interdisciplinary project-based teams and are highly qualified experts in various fields, including physicians, pharmacists, economists, epidemiologists and biostatisticians.




IGES looks back on more than four decades of experience in the healthcare sector. For IGES Pharma, the focus is on strategic and health economic consulting services for developers and manu-
facturers of pharmaceuticals.

European Countries


European Countries

IGES Pharma is part of the IGES Group, which has subsidiaries in six European countries and offers a comprehensive pan-European service network for the life sciences industry.

Our Pharma Core Capabilities

IGES Pharma capabilities are at your service to overcome your market access challenges. We provide solutions by applying products clustered as capabilities and offer the whole spectrum of know-how, expertise and experience needed for your success. At IGES we understand that each product is unique and there is no out-of-the box approach. Instead, we optimize patient access by tailoring our solutions to each product and its individual strengths to overcome local and global challenges.

Our Pharma Cor Capabilities Biostatistics Strategy Health Services Research Stakeholder Engagement Health Economing Modelling Real World Evidence HTA Pricing & Reimbursement
Our Pharma Cor Capabilities Biostatistics Strategy Health Services Research Stakeholder Engagement Health Economing Modelling Real World Evidence HTA Pricing & Reimbursement


  • Statistics for launch activities
  • Post-hoc analyses for HTA submissions
  • Meta-analyses
  • Indirect comparisons
  • Surrogate validations

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  • Strategy development
  • Cutting through complexity
  • Mapping necessary steps
  • Pharmaceutical market research
  • Scenarios
  • Planning and selecting appropriate products

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Health Services Research

  • Healthcare analyses
  • Epidemiological analyses / Target populations
  • Burden of disease studies
  • Treatment pattern studies
  • Cost of illness studies
  • Quantitative surveys

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Stakeholder Engagement

  • Stakeholder identification & mapping
  • Advisory boards / Expert workshops
  • Physicians
  • Payers
  • Patient organizations
  • Health authorities

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Health Economing Modelling

  • Experienced and awarded team for health economic modelling
  • Guidance along decision-making processes
  • Cost-Cost-Modelling
  • Cost-Effectiveness-Modelling
  • Budget impact modelling

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Real World Evidence

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Study conceptualization
  • Clinical registry studies
  • Study site recruitment
  • Data collection
  • Biostatistical analysis
  • HTA submission
  • CRO services

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  • Complete HTA submissions in multiple European Countries
  • +150 HTA submissions
  • EU HTA
  • HTA agency consultations
  • HTA pathway optimization
  • Full service HTA Submission
  • Mock negotiation trainings
  • National HTA procedures in European countries

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Pricing & Reimbursement

  • Reimbursement pathways
  • Internal reference prices
  • Hospital pricing
  • Pharmaceutical market research
  • Price referencing & launch sequencing
  • Price negotiations
  • Business-Case-Modelling
  • Valuation & Commercial potential
  • Competitor & Pipeline analysis

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IGES Pharma Value Chain

From valuation of commercial potential over pivotal trials, filing HTA dossiers, launch and post-launch activities: The IGES Pharma Value Chain helps our clients every step of the way to successfully access European markets.

  • Valuation of commercial potential in Europe
  • Gap analysis of evidence for HTA assessment
  • HTA agency consultations
  • Evidence development and HTA optimization
  • Inpatient & outpatient reimbursement / treatment pattern studies

  • HTA pathway optimization
  • Statistical analysis of clinical data
  • Price estimations and launch sequencing
  • Assessment of early access programs
  • Identification and approach of KOLs
  • Building of advisory groups

  • Full service HTA submissions
  • Compilation of value dossiers
  • Building of health economic models
  • Indirect comparisons & meta-analyses
  • Pricing strategy and negotiation training

  • RWE Concept development
  • RWE study implementation and evaluation
  • CRO services
  • Payer contracting, MEA and P4O
  • Ring-fence financing instruments
  • Engagement of policy & governmental stakeholders

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